Methods - JT Architecture, TN

Design is a communication process, and drawings are a means of communication for everyone involved in the project.

My job as an architect is twofold – to give my clients the information and options they need to make good decisions and to communicate those decisions to the contractor.

While designing a project with the client, I use three-dimensional views and walkthroughs to explore options and visualize solutions. These are not just final renderings for a presentation, but day-to-day tools for solving problems.
Final construction drawings emphasize clarity for the contractor, to minimize the need for changes in the field. Communication with the people building the project, rather than convention, should be the guiding principle.
During construction, regular meetings between the architect, the client and the contractor are essential. Most problems can be traced to a failure of communications – keeping each other informed of issues and questions is the best way to a successful project.
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