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Milton Residence

A new 5,000 square foot house on a rural lot. One story above grade, with a partial finished basement.

The house is oriented to take advantage of a large meadow on the north side of the site, while the home office and children’s bedrooms look out onto a wooded area to the south. A large central room combines kitchen, dining, and living areas and connects to a formal front entry as well as a carport and mudroom.

Basic materials such as brick, lap siding, and corrugated metal are used along with simple building shapes in order to control costs and create a strong visual image.

Energy-efficient design features include a geothermal heat pump system, 2×6 walls with foam insulation, and deep overhangs on the south side of the house to block sun in the summer while admitting it in the winter. The single-slope metal roof is oriented to the south side of the site, for possible future installation of solar panels.


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